Welcome to Electric Scroll Book Covers!

hands holding an open book with flames coming from the pages and the words 'Light the Fire of Imagination: Read a Book'

If you need a great cover in a hurry, you’ve come to the right place.

Click on your desired genre to browse through the eBook covers. We currently stock covers intended for romance, science fiction/fantasy, and suspense/horror. When you find the right cover, email us at covers@electric-scroll.com and tell us which cover you like. We never sell a pre-made cover to more than one person. You buy the cover, we'll change the author name and title to whatever you need it to be, and email your finished cover to you, usually within one day of purchase. All of our pre-made eBook covers are $50.00 USD.

Some of our covers are made in sets. You can buy just one, or the entire set. If the second book isn't ready to go, that's fine. You can buy the second cover now, we'll take it off sale, and store it for you until you're ready for it.

Need a full wrap cover for a print book? No problem! For an extra $30.00, we will turn any of our pre-made eBook covers into a print cover. We'll need to know your trim size, page count, and where you're publishing it, as well as any elements you need on the back cover such as your blurb, an author photo and bio, and the bar code if you have one. This will extend the turn-around time to as much as three days.